Conference Reception

The Process Of Conference Reception

As professional exhibition center, we can undertake, deputizeand host different exhibitions. The mainly details as follow:

1,plan: as professional meeting agent,we provide planning agent for meeting exhibition. Please tell us your ideas orthe goal you want to reach, then we will provide possible schemes, ideas,planning and receipt and so on.

2,consulting: we will have variouscommunications with the client and we will provide our own plan for selectingas your concerns. Such as the proper meeting place within budget, to recommendhotels for the participants and choose right eating and drinking places, the suitablemenu within the budget,the transportation and reception of the meeting.

3,examinations: if you can believe ourcompany by communication or a field trip to our company. Then we can enter thefollowing stages:1 we will examine the local hotel, meeting place, meetingequipment, transportation car and tourism line with you or yourrepresentatives. 2 Two partners will discuss deeply with the service project,service process, plan recommendation and the service price, then mainly confirmthe responsibilities and obligations. 3 Making a preliminary confirmationaccording to the return time, the number and flight.

4,make an arrangement: It is a carefulprocess. We will weigh and examine every process and plan of the meetingseriously and then make the plan more suitable. After that, conforming theobligations and responsibilities of both sides in written form, then sign theformal agreement.

5,carry out the agreement: both sidesshould obey the agreement strictly and humanized, with a highly responsiblecooperation concept, turning the cooperation spirit of both sides into a high sublimation.The same goal is to make the meeting succeed.

STEP Ⅰ:Before Conference

1,To communicate with the conferenceholder

2, Provide flight tickets, bus tickets,accommodation, conference place, transportation information that the conferenceneeded, then draw up complete meeting plan to the organizer of the conference.

3,Sending special person to helpcustomer to examine the dinner, hotel, conference place, visiting andentertainment of the place where the conference takes place

4,Conforming the plan, signing thecontract and a down payment

STEP Ⅱ:During The Conference

1,conference reception: special person isresponsible for the airport and station, picking up, public relations and soon. Set welcome banners, welcome sign, check-in desk, sign properly in advance

2,preparation before conference:preparing the needed materials, meeting articles and the relative things

3,place: set special person to examinebanners, light, audio and drink of meeting room,

4,accommodation: conforming room floorand room number, enquiring if they have the special requirements

5,dinner: conforming time for lunch, theplace, standard of dinner or the special guests (the huis)

6,tourism of conference: tourism lineand tourism bus, if the tour guide adds scenic spots

7,entertainment: to confirm the form ofentertainment, the standard and entertainment place

8,service of entertainment:representatives take a group photo, to provide secretary service and otherservices for representatives.

STEP Ⅲ:The End Of Conference

1,check out: providing the detailedfees and instructions about the conference. The special person should have acheck with customers.

2,materials: collecting the materialsafter the meeting, making address list or roster according customers’requirement.


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