5-Day Beijing tour

The Date Of Group Empty Position Deadline Online Quotation The Standard Book
客人自定 提前15天 2885元/人(昆明起止) 散客拼团 Book

The attractions included:

The pedestrian street, Old Beijing dashilan,prince gong mansion, Quadruped courtyard, chairman Mao memorial hall, temple fair of Beijing, Badaling Great Wall, the Ming tombs Ming emperor, the Summer Palace, the Garden of Gardens, the folk art museum.

Routine Schedule:

The first day:

To meet the visitors with the flag which is written jingcheng holiday, then check in hotel and free activities. Suggest that go to the front door pedestrian street to visit Old Beijing dashilan and the laozihaofor hundreds of years.( there is no meal all the day). Because the arriving time is different, if there is a waiting process of docking station, please tell visitors in advance and please understand.

The second day:

We visit the first greedy person of the world—Heshens palace, it is about 1.5 hours, 70 yuan/person at your own expense; visiting the Olympic family(Quadruped Courtyard)(about 30 minutes, 20 yuan/person at your own expense). Then visiting the biggest ancient palace (the Forbidden City), about 2 hours. The special gift is kung fu drama "Shisha Sea” and worth 280 yuan(the dinner need to pay)

The third day:

We visit one of the eight wonders all over the world-- Badaling Great Wall(about two hours), To climb the mountain with (block) at your own expense, 60 yuan/person, then to visit the Ming tombs Ming emperor at your own expense about fifty minutes(40 yuan/person); we go to Beijing Olympic Park, Birds Nest, Water Cute on location zero distance. To visit Birds Nest skiing(150 yuan/person at your own expense)

The forth day:

We travel the Summer Palace after breakfast, about two hours. Then visit the scenery of Peking University and Tsinghua University by car. To visit the Garden of Gardens at your own expense, 80 yuan; visiting the folk art museum for 45 minutes; visiting the Temple of Heaven about 1 hour.

The fifth day :

We are free activities after breakfast, we check out at 11-12 oclock. If someone needs to go in advance or later, please add 20 yuan/person.




Service Standard:




4.儿童价标准:身高 0.8 ~ 1.2 米(含),不占床,收车费、服务费、半价餐费250(发生门票自理),产生差价一律不退。

5.接团方式:举“精诚假期” 导游旗接站。







5:自费项目:恭王府70元【120分钟】 奥运人家四合院20元【30分钟 】 明皇宫40元【50分钟】滑车60元【40分钟】海底世界85元【60分钟】 圆明园80元【70分钟 】电视塔70元【50分钟】慈禧水道80元【50分钟】 雪世界150元


Dear visitors: hello!

In order to protect you legitimate rights, Lijiang, northwest of Yunnan prompt you:

1, Please be sure to sign a written contract when you join the company tours;

2, The contract should be stamped: “the dedicated seal of Lijiang International Travel Service Co.Ltd”, the contract shall be valid.(a copy of contract is invalid);

Have a nice trip!

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