Lijiang Jia Li Da Hotel

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Room Type Breakfast The Retail Price Ddvance Price The Validity Of The Price Book
豪华标准房(每晚/每间) 提供 ¥980 ¥420 Book
普通标准房(每晚/每间) 提供 ¥800 ¥420 Book
雅致标准房(每晚/每间) 提供 ¥880 ¥420 Book
豪华单人房(每晚/每间) 提供 ¥980 ¥420 Book
浪漫情侣房(每晚/每间) 提供 ¥1080 ¥428 Book
豪华休闲房(每晚/每间) 提供 ¥1200 ¥450 Book
温情蜜月房(每晚/每间) 提供 ¥1999 ¥640 Book
高级贵宾房(每晚/每间) 提供 ¥2980 ¥988 Book





 - 距离丽江三义机场28公里,乘坐出租车约40分钟;

 - 距离黑龙潭约3公里,乘坐出租车约10分钟;

 - 距离束河古镇约7公里;

 - 距离客运总站、高快客运站约2公里,乘坐出租车5分钟。




Notes: the time for check-in usually is14:00 and the check-out time is12:00. If in advance or delay the departure time, both need to take the extra fees into consideration.

Instruction for fees: room rate including hotel service charge, excluding hotel other fees, taxes and the extra fees that guests require.

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